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 "But the bush hath moods and changes,
as the seasons rise and fall,
And the men who know the bush-land
- they are loyal through it all."
- Banjo Paterson


The spirit of the Australian outback reveals its mystery, its melancholy, its charm and the unifying spirit of man and land.

The rustic, sheep station charm of this family run property provided a lifetime of memories for our team as we traversed the land led by an 86 year old woman whose heart was as strong as her hands, hands that still knew how to round up a flock of sheep sturdily behind the wheel of an old truck.

Gordon Dowling, who has since passed on, was born in 1922 on this land and as he waved us goodbye in his Akubra Statesman he also gesticulated that the interconnectedness to land is the source of a contented life.  Land is more than a place to grow crops; farms are locations with history, symbolic meaning, repositories of emotion and identity.

The land is the mother and we are of the land; we do not own the land rather the land owns us. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and our identity

- Dennis Foley, a Gai-mariagal and Wiradjuri man, and Fulbright scholar.


Gordon Robert Dowling, Judys husband, wearing a Stetson Akubra was born in 1922 in the original house that we all occupied for the two day shoot at this historic property.
Sadly he passed away in December, only months after our shoot.
He was a prominent grazier in Muringo NSW and captain of the Australian polo team when they toured India in 1966.

Judy Dowling, our vibrant character in country attire and pearls, has always been impassioned by the land, her flock of sheep and her loyal sheep herding dog.
Judy's passion for wool began at an early age when she started feeding the sheep with her father.
This sparked a lengthy career in the production and sale of wool from this iconic property with her life partner Gordon.

Mac Mcdonough, director of Estilo Emporio is featured smoking a Cuban cigar, his favorite pastime.
He began designing and manufacturing leather goods in the Seventies in Sitges, Spain.
He remains an integral part of the ever-expanding business which now includes knitwear as well as linen and leather products.
He and his wife, Mardee, have known Judy and Gordon for 40 years.
In loving memory of Gordon Robert Dowling 1922-2019.
Gordon Robert Dowling
Judy Dowling
Mac McDonough
Camille Piazza
Photography by:
Petter Karlstrom 
Styling by:
Kira and Mardee McDonough
Words by:
Kira and Mardee McDonough