Lucette Romy

`I am the Water. It flows through me, cleanses me, internally, externally, physically, spiritually. It’s all I am and more. I owe many periods of healing and the emotions that have moved through me to this element and what it allows me to become.’

Divit Hashloft

We have always been told that we need to drink eight glasses of water per day, but do you really know why? Our bodies are made up of over 75% water; every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to survive. But not all water is created equal. Tap water is full of contaminants and added chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. While bottled water might seem like the better option, the production process is highly unregulated and contains harmful chemicals leaked from the plastic containers. To top it all off, when not recycled, these bottles end up in our community’s landfill and waterways destroying our local ecosystem and beyond. So what can you do? We recently caught up with Lucette Romy, artist, activist, alchemist and water enthusiast who has discovered how to transform your ordinary tap water and procure clean, healthy, ionized water, full of antioxidants to help restore the body to its original, alkaline state. Join us for an insightful feature on this beautiful Aquarian and her deep knowledge on the purity of water as a life source and life force, as she transcends the concept of healing ourselves from the inside out. Let’s just say she lives her life with a glass half full.

Why is water important for good health?

Why is water important for good health?

I think most of us learnt pretty early on that it is important to drink water throughout the day and to stay hydrated, but it really is one of the most beneficial things we can do for our health. Water makes up two-thirds of our body weight, and just like in any body of water like a river, or lake, stagnant water can be a problem.. a healthy river flows and the water is constantly moving. Consuming approximately 2 litres of water per day will help you glow in more ways than you may realise! Aiding in digestion, nutrient delivery, kidney function, immune health, circulation and your lymphatic system. It is honestly liquid gold in my opinion.. But it’s not just about drinking any old water, it’s about drinking the best, most mineral active, ALIVE water possible.

Where does your passion for healthy water come from?

When I was 19, I got violently ill after travelling to Indonesia and returning home to Australia with a nasty parasite. I spent a long time in and out of hospitals and doctors rooms trying to figure out what was keeping me so sick. By the time I finally found out what it was, I felt like I had tried everything under the sun to get better. It was actually both my naturopath at the time, and the colonic hydrotherapist that I was recommended to see who introduced me to Kangen water and I went on my merry way to fill some water jugs up to see what the fuss was all about. Without a doubt, it was one of the great catalysts in seeing a shift in my health. The difference was almost night and day in how I felt, how my body felt, how my digestion works, basically everything within my body began to shift and heal. After that I did a lot of research into water and why it is such an important part of our daily life.


What exactly is Kangen (a Japanese word meaning return to origin) Water?

Kangen water is magic... haha but seriously. Kangen water started in Japan over 50 years ago by the wonderful people at Enagic. In short, Kangen water is electrolyzed reduced, hydrogen rich drinking water. Though I’m sure that does not mean much to most of you, haha. So let me break it down a little more for you. Kangen Water is created by passing through a Kangen water ionizer, which is a simple countertop water filter that connects to your faucet. The water passes through the ionizer, separating it into two separate streams, alkaline and acidic through a process called electrolysis. You can then choose your desired pH balance on the machine depending on what you are using the water for: for drinking, cooking, watering your plants, cleaning your vegetables, cleaning your kitchen. There are endless ways to use this water!

What are the benefits of consuming Kangen Water?

The process of electrolysis brings your water back to LIFE, positively charging the ions to create alkalized reduced water, which is full of antioxidants and work to fight free radicals in the body (free radicals are unstable molecules that damage or “oxidize” cells throughout the body in a process called oxidative stress.) Antioxidants are essential for proper function of the immune system. Kangen water also contains active molecular hydrogen. Simply put, active hydrogen molecules neutralize the free radicals in your body that cause aging and disease. So the more free radicals we neutralize, the more toxins we can effectively flush from our system!

What exactly is Kangen (a Japanese word meaning return to origin) Water?

How does Kangen Water differ from bottled water or tap water?

What most people don’t realise is that tap and bottled water is usually stagnant, mineral and nutrient lacking, and is essentially dead water. Sadly bottled water may sit inside it’s bottle, whether it is plastic or glass for 3-6 months and more, allowing plastic and chemicals to leach into the water, before it ever hits your lips! Even bottled spring water loses its nutrients whilst it is sitting on the shelf, and alkaline bottled water is filled with chemicals to ensure that it holds its pH level. Kangen water is true alkalized water, which will only hold its pH for 2-3 days. Furthermore, it is tragic for the environment to be consuming bottled water when we know about the destruction of plastic on our planet.

Tap water on the other hand, is our very handy, free source of drinking water - which is absolutely a blessing that not everyone in the world is afforded. However, tap water is not without its issues, containing harsh chemicals, both added to the water and as residue, as well as possible bacterias, plastics and heavy metals depending on where you live.

Kangen water is filtered through a 3 step coconut carbon filter removing toxicity from the water. The purified water then passes through 8, platinum dipped, titanium plates. This process restructures the water, bringing it back to life and raising the levels of H2 in Kangen water to fight oxidation in the body through its antioxidant properties.

How has Kangen Water improved your life

In so so many ways! It has drastically changed my life for the better since I started drinking it almost 10 years ago now. It helped me heal from my parasite and has been a catalyst in my health journey. I use it every day, aiding my digestion, giving me energy, allowing my body to properly release fluid retention and excess water weight. Not only that, because of the machines ability to choose your pH setting, it has also allowed me to remove harsh cleaning products from my life by using 2.5pH water. I clean and rinse my vegetables with 11.5pH water to remove dirt and emulsify any nasty pesticides that might be left on them.

Where can we find Kangen Water?

Where can we find Kangen Water?

Kangen water can be purchased through a registered Enagic distributor such as myself. If you’d like to know more about Kangen Water, or order your own machine you can get in touch with me or visit my website and I would be more than happy to assist you in ordering your own Kangen machine! If you’re not ready to purchase your own machine, I might also be able to assist you in finding someone who has a machine nearby, so that you can try the water for yourself first.

What are your personal tips on how to stay fresh and hydrated daily?

I always make sure to start my morning by drinking either a warm lemon water, or a large glass of celery juice. Then I make sure to fill up my reusable water bottle with 9.5pH water. My favorite bottle holds 2 litres of water and is the perfect bottle to ensure I drink a full 2 litres each day. I always make sure I drink the full bottle everyday, and sometimes more! It’s like my own personal challenge!  Another great way to get your water intake in, is through fruits and vegetables. If you find it challenging to remember to drink water throughout the day, you can easily up your fresh fruits and vegetable consumption, or through fruit juices and herbal tea infusions. 


In addition to Kangen Water, what else do you do to maintain a balanced life?

I am all about flushing out the lymphatic system, so I love to dry body brush everyday to activate my lymphatic system, as well as exfoliate my skin. Gentle yoga, or a light walk and I’m absolutely a fan or hydrotherapy, either by having a cold shower or cold plunging in an ice bath. I’ve also been doing what I can to minimize my screen time. I like to wake up and make sure I do not immediately grab my phone, instead I will meditate for 20 mins or go for a light walk. I also try to ensure I do some grounding every day, whether this is through walking barefoot on the earth, gardening or working with clay - all of these have amazing grounding effects!

You have been a long-time supporter of EE, what makes you keep coming back for more?

Well aside from absolutely adoring the owners who have become dear friends of mine, I deeply love and respect the brand, designs, process and ethos...And if you have ever been lucky enough to smell their incredible pieces, you will know that smell is absolutely HEAVENLY. 

Aside from all of these things, my favorite thing about Estilo Emporio is how timeless their pieces are. Without a doubt their designs are elegant, incredibly well made and will transcend time and trends so you can ensure that any purchase you make will last a lifetime in your wardrobe.

What is your favourite EE style?

This has got to be the hardest question you’ve asked!! But if I had to pick one, it would definitely have to be the Novo Flare, I have them in 4 colours.

What is your favourite EE style?