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Article: Olivia Crumpton

Olivia Crumpton

EE WOMEN introduces:

Olivia Crumpton - Liv Nutritious


“There is usually a series of events in our lives that lead us to that very place we are meant to be. The path that gets us there is rarely easy, but everyone has a story.” - Olivia Crumpton

The most beautiful thing in this world is the loving power of the human spirit. When you witness it, it’s unmistakable and it inspires and brings love and joy to your life like nothing else. What’s amazing in life is that we most often see this during moments of adversity, tragedy and difficulty. It turns life’s most daunting challenges into its most amazing revelations of character, love and hope.

Olivia Crumpton’s story will take you down the path of perseverance, health, wellness and unconquerable human spirit. Olivia combines her personal narrative, interwoven with moments of adversity and difficulty, all of which have propelled her into an “enlightened respect and appreciation for the body that we have”.

Olivia’s journey began when she was a teenager and had two very ill parents. In fear of being left without them, she pivoted her mindset to focus on her positive spirit and dedication to health. “My appreciation for life even amidst my greatest setbacks never left. I found peace in focusing on the positives and moving forward moments.”

Olivia (Liv) Crumpton has a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics, with a clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Her approach with clients is bespoke according to their individual circumstances and needs, and based first and foremost on judgment-free understanding. She embraces the healthy power of food on the principle that achieving optimal health is not through a perfect diet but rather, finding balance, on your plate and in your life. She doesn’t encourage restriction or elimination but rather a connection of physical education and psychological wisdom to form a truly mindful eating and lifestyle approach. She strives to develop effective, individualized strategies to build a radiant relationship with food and guide you to health and wellness.

Our bodies have the unique and amazing capacity to work miraculous results when fed and supported with the right diet, nutrients, exercise, and lifestyle. It is a simple choice that offers profound results when we choose to harness the power of this great being and take control of our health in order to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

What are some of your qualifications as a nutritionist, and how have you set yourself apart in your field?

I have a bachelor degree in Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetic Medicine) and am currently completing a Master of Women’s Health Medicine. What makes me different is my life experience and openness.. No judgment here ever.

I would love to know how you became interested in food. Was it an early passion? What was your motivation?

I have always been a true foodie lover which comes from spending time in the kitchen at my Grandma Gwen’s country home. I was always her little sous chef. This memory warms my soul, however this wasn’t the reason for wanting to pursue a career as a nutritionist but more the health and science side combined with the ability to help individuals and the wider Australian community - it truly drew me to a close on this career change.

Like so many people, my life story is complex. It is this story of grief, loss and deep appreciation for life that brought me here today. I understand the vulnerabilities that comes from life experience. If nurtured correctly it is what creates the desire to be a better person and drive positive change.

During my early - late 20’s I was faced with challenges that feel incomprehensible. I was primary carer for both my parents who were individually facing their own cancer battles, which devastatingly ended with the loss of their lives just one year apart. During this time my husband had been through a lifesaving heart transplant due to a rare genetic muscular degenerative mutation which of course has its own journey of mental and physical hurdles that remain a part of present lives and future. Our journey together as a couple has been so incredibly humbling yet triumphant. We give each other pure happiness and focus on life goals that potentiate power as individuals and a couple to not let his disease define us.

My story allows me to be extremely empathetic towards all of my clients’ stories, I hope provides some wisdom in the fact that, no matter what challenges come your way you can rise above it and become something more radiant and powerful because of it… and truly, healthy habits all round are the best place to start to support your physical and mental self. My space is open for all conversations and with complete openness comes the best results.

As a nutritionist, what are some of the changes and trends you’ve observed in the food world over the last 20 years?

Some specific diets are helpful to the clinically indicated population however fad diets can be extremely detrimental in the female health population. Fad diets create restrictive / binge behaviors for varying physiological and biochemical reasons particularly in females. When diets fail or become the sole focus of a woman’s life, health is then defined by how skinny you are (or not skinny you are) not by how energized, confident or radiant you should feel or how healthy you actually are in terms of blood work, mental health or a healthy menstrual cycle. Unfortunately all forms of social media are the main force behind these adaptive behaviors that glorify restrictive eating and skinny bodies. It’s important to know, skinny is never skinny enough and skinny definitely does not mean healthy. You cannot know someone’s health by looking at them, everyone has their own story.

How can gut health and diet boost our mood? Are prebiotic and probiotic supplements helpful?

90% of serotonin is made in your gut. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls your mood and is responsible for happiness. It helps regulate when you sleep and wake, helps you think and create clarity, stabilised and lifts mood, soothes anxiety, and controls your sexual desire. For these reasons, anyone with anxiety or mood disorders, gut health is imperative. A gut health protocol can be different for any given individual. This is where seeing a nutritionist who can prescribe nutrition, supplements if needed and specific probiotic strains for your overall health needs will be a life changing experience.

Living and eating consciously can take time and effort, do you have any advice for people wanting to shift into this lifestyle change?

I agree it does take focus to make positive changes however I always aim to take the words ‘work and effort’ away from the equation for anyone that comes to see me. Food or fitness that is sustainable is key to long term health and should be 100% enjoyable. Whatever you are doing, if you can imagine yourself still truly enjoying it in 2, 4, 5 or 10 years to come, then that is the lifestyle for you. If it is restrictive, exhausting or ‘vanilla’ it is simply not you. Please do, and eat what makes YOU feel great 100% of the time.

I don’t share specifically what I eat during the day because that is my needs, not yours. I educate all my clients not to follow what I, any other nutritionist or ‘influencer’ does, but to become more autonomous and intune with yourself and not follow what someones’ body requires or what strict fad diet is telling you.

First thing upon waking: This is important though. Big glass of filtered water followed by some deep breaths and a long walk or gym, spin or yoga… always depends on how I feel and also where I am in my menstrual cycle.


What is a mantra you live by?

One life!

How does wearing EE make you feel?

Elegant, free, powerful and effortless xxxxxxx

What is your favourite EE style?

I am loving my Isla top at the moment but honestly, it’s hard to pick! Kicking myself for not getting Horizon Flare or the Gidget Top and matching pants. Deeply love it all xx

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