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Natural Materials and Refined Workmanship.
Harmonic elements elevate the prestige of noble fibres with the spontaneous naturalness of a style built on a timeless fascination with traditional techniques and exclusive textures.


Bozzolo Coat - NaturalBozzolo Coat - Natural
Bozzolo Coat - Natural Sale price$899.00
Cacoon Coat - CamelCacoon Coat - Camel
Cacoon Coat - Camel Sale price$799.00
Cacoon Coat - OatmealCacoon Coat - Oatmeal
Cacoon Coat - Oatmeal Sale price$799.00
Chloe Cashmere Jumper - BlackChloe Cashmere Jumper - Black
Chloe Cashmere Jumper - NomadChloe Cashmere Jumper - Nomad
Colette Cashmere Jumper - Nomad - LAST ONEColette Cashmere Jumper - Nomad - LAST ONE
Florence Fringe Coat - OatmealFlorence Fringe Coat - Oatmeal
Florence Fringe Coat - PebbleFlorence Fringe Coat - Pebble
Gusty Wool Jacket - SandstormGusty Wool Jacket - Sandstorm
Sold outGusty Wool Jacket - StoneGusty Wool Jacket - Stone
Gusty Wool Jacket - Stone Sale price$699.00
Henley Molto Coat - MoltoHenley Molto Coat - Molto
Henley Molto Coat - Molto Sale price$699.00
Husky Wool Coat - OatmealHusky Wool Coat - Oatmeal
Husky Wool Coat - Oatmeal Sale price$749.00
Intimo Jumper - GreyIntimo Jumper - Grey
Intimo Jumper - Grey Sale price$569.00
Intimo Jumper - Sea-GreenIntimo Jumper - Sea-Green
Intimo Jumper - Sea-Green Sale price$569.00
Roll Neck Jumper - StoneRoll Neck Jumper - Stone
Roll Neck Jumper - Stone Sale price$699.00
Spiga Sweater - Nymph PinkSpiga Sweater - Nymph Pink
Spiga Sweater - Nymph Pink Sale price$699.00
Spiga Sweater - SandstormSpiga Sweater - Sandstorm
Spiga Sweater - Sandstorm Sale price$699.00
Strato Jumper - Brown SugarStrato Jumper - Brown Sugar
Strato Jumper - Brown Sugar Sale price$499.00
Strato Jumper - Lime GreenStrato Jumper - Lime Green
Strato Jumper - Lime Green Sale price$499.00
Zoe Cashmere V-Neck Jumper - BlackZoe Cashmere V-Neck Jumper - Black
Zoe Cashmere V-Neck Jumper- AlbatrossZoe Cashmere V-Neck Jumper- Albatross