Her creative style

From the heart, an organic flow of movement.

Her sources of inspiration

Earth and the elements, our greatest natural resources.

What’s on her mind when shaping an object

How will this piece exist in the world, what energy will it contribute, does it offer itself as a vessel or as inspiration.

The most exciting and daunting elements after firing

Are learning detachment, letting go of the outcome and trusting in the process, pottery teaches many of life’s greatest lessons. Not everything will come out of the firing how we expect it to.

Her happiest place in nature

Under the ocean or deep in the jungle.

Her words of wisdom

Try not to let the little things consume you, allow them to brush away and choose joy in each moment.

What holds most important to her in life

Feeling at home in community, family, health and art.

Her dream project

Immersive exhibitions and large (BIG) scale works.

Her favourite EE Style

The Novo Flare, forever and ever.

She will never be too old for

Running around barefoot, dancing in the kitchen, sleepovers with friends.

She is most creative when

I’m surrounded by uplifting community, feeling grounded and energized in my body.