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Article: Getting To Know Kelly Failliot

Getting To Know Kelly Failliot

A little bit about herself

Half french and half dutch, I have been living in Lisbon for nine years. Passionate about life, I find happiness in surfing, traveling and gathering with friends to the best locations. It’s all about creating memories and enjoying the day at its best.

Where she grew up

In Versailles, surrounded by forest and the city life of Paris. I studied in Marseille in the south of France where I mainly learned how to party and met incredible friends before living in Singapore for a year.

Her favourite childhood memory

I absolutely loved my childhood and my best memories remain my summers in Corsica with my family and friends. Corsica is my favourite Island by far, I will never forget the crystal water, wakeboard moments, indescribable sunsets and dancing on the beach.

How she describes herself

Through the eyes of my friends. Sensitive and very optimistic, playful and a hard worker. I am very honest and direct in sharing my feelings. I am a real dreamer, very romantic and keen for any adventures.

Her work

I opened my own event agency called Pitch Event Agency locally based in Lisbon, organising corporate events worldwide. From Iceland to Brazil or from Sweden to Italy, we will do it all. I am very passionate about my work and very happy that events are coming back to life after such a difficult past two years. On the side I have been modelling and have met incredible people along the way. Great memories and precious experiences.

I am also the founder of an eco glitter brand, Thesparkleffect. Our glitters are plant based and 100% biodegradable, which makes them a good alternative to the classic glitter made of micro-plastic. I created the brand with a very good friend of mine and it has been the best fun. Seeing people dancing and enjoying our sparkles warms my heart. We will have a beautiful sparkle station this year at the Boom festival, I am very excited about it. Everybody is excited about this summer in Europe, let’s sparkle it up!

Her pitch

Born ready, ready to pitch it damn good!

Her creative style

I have experienced a lot of different styles. After traveling for a year around Australia and South America my creativity went deep into the free and bohemian spirit. In Canada I had dreadlocks and played instruments, in India I shaved my hair and played bolas, in Lisbon I now play with the hoop and am part of a choir. I love painting and should definitely find more time to do so. Dancing remains my favourite expression.

Her grounding practices

Surfing has been a big part of my life since I learned how to do it in Morocco at the age of 15. The surf evokes incredible emotions, which can be very scary but very peaceful at the same time. Luckily, I’ve been practicing yoga a lot at a friend’s studio which helped me find a beautiful balance for my body.

Her sources of inspiration

Definitely my parents. They have been enjoying every second of their life together, bringing into life a beautiful family and forever seeking discoveries and happiness. They have been a great inspiration in my daily life. I sadly lost my sweet father but am currently enjoying the best time with my Mother who has become my best friend and also a great friend of all my friends. I am very inspired by her way of seeing life, very rich in daily positivity.

Her favourite place in the world

Being in front of any sunset. It can be anywhere but this is my favourite place to be on Earth.

How she spends her dream weekend

While living with my precious boyfriend, I enjoy our weekend mix of activities and parties. We generally enjoy the charming cafe down the street from our place before heading off to the beach for a little sesh. We have beautiful friends here with who we gather and then see where the evening takes us. There is good vibes here in Lisbon and we always go with the flow, mixing sport, fun and love - making every day a dreamy adventure.

What she believes makes a woman

Being naturally elegant.

Her favourite EE Style

I absolutely love my combination of Villa Pants and Gidget Top in Terra mixed with my orange slides. It is always a huge hit when I am wearing them. All the clothes I’ve been wearing are so comfortable and refined, they give class instantly. I tell you what, you can definitely call me a big fan of Estilo, there is nothing like it!.

Where can we find her



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