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Article: Motherhood: Olesya Rulin

Motherhood: Olesya Rulin

Her journey into motherhood

Started when I chose to love myself the hardest, learning the grace of the divine feminine, and trusting in the timing of her life

The ways which nature has helped on this journey

When my mind spins and I start to fight time I’m reminded that everything has a season. Every plant and being comes to their destination at the exact time when they are ready and are needed. That always calms me.

The hormonal orchestration of pregnancy

Trusting my body and my baby has been one of the best parts of pregnancy. Allowing the waves of growth to take me to our end destination has given me a new sense of freedom and fierce boundaries for which I’m forever grateful.

Her prenatal care

Aside from the usual prenatal vitamins and health advice from my doula and doctor, it’s been trusting myself. Following my own innate guidance on what I needed whether it was a nap, a 6 mile hike, or a long bath.

Her priorities

Being in alignment with Mother Earth. Meaning ensuring the safety, growth, and serenity of living things.

Her reading

- “It Didn’t Start with you“ by Mark Wolynn - “The Zen Mamas Guide to Finding Your Rhythm In Pregnancy Birth and Beyond” by Sarah Wright and Teresa Palmer - “The Fourth Trimester: A Postpartum Guide to Healing Your Body, Balancing your Emotions, and Restoring your Vitality” by Kimberly Ann Johnson

Her music

My husband is the house DJ so whatever he puts on. I tend to lean towards a silent home when I’m alone and take in the peace around me.

Her nest

We have been renovating/restoring a 1970’s forest retreat house near Yosemite National Park for the last 6 months. It’s a labor of love and has all the elements of a “temple” that we’re drawn to. White and beige are our main colors with a splash of grey marble. It’s clean and minimal, creating a stark contrast to nature right outside. I find that the white space helps creativity flow more freely, as my husband and I are both creatives it’s vital that our nest is one of serenity.

Her affirmations and excitements

- “Trust in the divine timing of your life” - “You already know what to do, allow yourself to show you the way” - “Safety is your birthright, create it if it’s been taken from you” - “Enjoy life, it was your choice to come down and have a human experience as a soul”

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